Every marketer I know would like to eke better performance from their SEO initiatives. The topic drew a huge crowd to SMX in Silicon Valley where New York Times bestselling author Bill Tancer sat down with Search Engine Land's Mark Traphagen to discuss the link between online reviews and organic search. 

From espresso (one of Bill's favorite topics) to review filtering, their conversation is a must-read for marketing pros and small business owners. My a-ha moment in the article came when Bill told Mark "reviews are the conduit that gets people from search to a local business page."


Bill discussed his research into search activity and review sites. He told Mark his findings confirmed "67% of their traffic was coming from search." 

If you run (or run marketing for) a small business, now's the time to fine-tune your strategy for online reviews and organic search. Check out Mark Traphagen's article for Bill's tips to engage customers and accelerate your growth.

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Source: http://selnd.com/1BD3gSC