According to the latest data from Experian Marketing Services Consumer Insights group, over 52% of visitors to in the U.S. arrive at the site through their mobile devices versus a laptop or desktop computer.   That same metric for online review site TripAdvisor indicates that only 33% of that site visitors access through their smartphone or tablet,  demonstrating the disparity between two different sites in the consumer generated review space.  

One potential explanation for the disparity in mobile usage is the difference in age distribution for the two sites.  TripAdvisor users clearly skew towards older Internet users.  While smart phone usage is becoming ubiquitous across age groups, the use of those devices for specific purposes like checking online reviews could be age-dependent.

Alternatively, trip planning maybe an activity that is more likely to be tackled at home or in the office versus while on the run.  In contrast, reading online reviews of local businesses lends itself to on-the-go access.  What do you think?


Looking at visits by age and the representation of each age group or bin, we find that 18-24 year olds over represent with an index of 244, meaning that this group is more than 2.4 times more likely than the population as a whole to visit sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. 

AuthorBill Tancer